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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Tea Tree Oil

When I was a teenager, I had really bad breakouts and they really bothered me. Somedays I wouldn't go out because of them and somedays if it was only one obvious pimple Id turn it into a mole lol. Im now in my 20's and I still get breakouts every now and then, especially just before 'that time of the month'. So recently I decided to return to my old favourite. Tea Tree Oil (TTO)

Tea Tree Oil has a long history of traditional use. Its leaves were used for healing cuts, burns and infections because of its antiseptic and antifungal properties.

Tea Tree Oil is usually used for;

-Athletes foot
-As an antiseptic

So to treat a nasty breakout recently I used The Body Shops Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick. I applied this gel 2 times a day. I also liked that it doesn't have a strong smell and sinks into the skin quickly.

If you're having trouble with blemishes I'd give this product a try. It really speeds the process (because of the TTO) and also it contains allantion which soothes skin and panthenol which moisturises.

What do you guys use for a nasty breakout?
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