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Sunday, 10 May 2009


Hey Everyone
Sorry I havent been blogging for a while... still didnt get a chance to fix my camera :(

anyway to keep you updated, I went to tanya salon got my nails done with french manicure and a lovely gold print. LOVE IT!

Also, I Stoped by the coture cut to get a blow dry and guess what... A Staff member did my hair and it was amazing .. i loved it, shes one of the girls that used to work at the cutting edge back when it was a big hit in 2005. Her name is Diane. Anyway she rocks, shell do any hairstyle you want with her own twist and it will look like wow. I highly recommend her to you guys.

makeup hmmmm... what do i have to say about make up. Before the hello kitty collection was out (in kuwait), a limited edition eyeshadow brush was out, its number was 226. I Loved the brush and took it to work with me and used it on some clients. When I went home i washed it (with MAC brush cleanser) I felt that the brushs shape changed. Sooo... I went to MAC fanar and asked for the brush, they said there was never a 226 brush :/ so i went to marina and the girl said its out of stock, she called other brances and they all said the same. so, whoever has the 226brush, you are a very lucky person.

If you want to try couture cut, there number is 257 222 82
and if you still havent tried Tanya salon then your missing out alotttttt ;)


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