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Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Spotted Pig!

What would you think that would be a name for?..

a restaurant, club, boutique or a salon?

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Ingrown Hair - product

Enough with NY .. For today :P

When getting Ingrown hair it looks/feels ugly. So prevent them by applying Tend Skin lotion everyday. 
Nothing is worse than getting ingrown hair and once you do get some you'll scratch your skin and damage it, maybe even lead to scars.

So why? take a few seconds everyday and rub this lotion in it wont take long. This product really works

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Meatpacking disrtict is one of my favorite places in NY and its also one of New Yorks most fashionable neighborhoods. You wont see much tourists but alot of young trendy adults and models..

shops in that area include;
  • Jeffery- small designer department store, they have great selections of shoes 
  • DVF 
  • Scoop- mix of designer clothes
  • Alexander Mcqueen
  • Mathew Williamson
  • Theory
  • Christian Louboutin

Do check out McQueens boutique! I loved it and felt I was in a spaceship ;x

Hair Products

I had an interesting conversation with a staff member working at John Freida named Sean who was telling me a few of his favourite hair products and places that sell them (all at A B C carpet on 19th St. ;p) .. 

He also told me things like Moroccan oils main ingredient is argan oil and thats thats what makes magic to our hair and instead if buying Moroccan oil I should buy pure products like pure arjan or pure nsait ism the other oil he recommended, he said Geisha's use it and its made in japan..

Monday, 26 April 2010

John Frieda

So before leaving to NY I decided that during my stay, I'd dye my hair..
my first option and the person I wanted most was Ken Paves but since he works in LA I had to talk to his manager (Kelly) to see if Ken was free and if he could come to me in NY.. Unfortunately he was busy and his manager appologized and so did Ken himself! so sweet of him :D

anyway so I researched for someone based in NY and I came up with Tabatha Coffee, Tabatha has her own TV show isma something makeover madre shino (google her if your interested) and she has a salon in NY and another one in LA. Her clients include Densie Richards. I called up the salon and she was working in her LA salon during my stay in NY therefore I had to look for someone else...

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Seat savers! and NY booths

I love walking down the streets of NY and checking out the booths, you can find some unique things like jewelery, sunglasses, phone covers,paintings, I love NY jackets/tops.. and its alot of fun !!

One of the booths that caught my eye was in union square.. He had seat savers :P
They look so real, im not sure about how it looks like in the pictures.. I even had to touch everything to make sure its solid!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Bed, Bath and beyond

Awal mara adish this store but its soo coooool I spent HOURS in there!! It has things for the house like kitchen tools, an organic section, drugstore make up, things for the bathroom, creams etc etc..

I wanted to take pics of everything in the store, but the store is huge ;x .. You can find things like..

*kitchen Tools*

Cherry pitter (great for desserts) ;

Friday, 23 April 2010

Back from Ny!

Yes Im baaaaaaaaack!!!!! and I got alot of new goodies to try out!! and a few cool places to show ;D

some highlights of my trip ;-
* I dyed my hair ;P
** saw mary kate olsen lool :P
*** got some products/ tools I wanted for a while including clarisonic and morocan oil ;D

Anyway I didn't have internet access while I was there so thereforeee the next few posts will mostly related to NY :P

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