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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Hair Products

I had an interesting conversation with a staff member working at John Freida named Sean who was telling me a few of his favourite hair products and places that sell them (all at A B C carpet on 19th St. ;p) .. 

He also told me things like Moroccan oils main ingredient is argan oil and thats thats what makes magic to our hair and instead if buying Moroccan oil I should buy pure products like pure arjan or pure nsait ism the other oil he recommended, he said Geisha's use it and its made in japan..

Based on what he said I went and got my Argan oil AND moroccan oil I wanted to try both and compare ;p

He also told me that products with salt in them like surf spray by bumble and bumble damage the hair ;x but thats one of my favorite products I'm not sure I can stop using it ;(

Products I got from there;

  • Bumble and bumble surf spray: I love this spray! It gives hair a sexy, wind styled texture and looks as if you just came out of the sea! 
  • KMS sea salt spray: same as the above! 
  • KMS detangler: awal mara I use it has glittery particles in the liquid, detangles and protects 
  • Moroccan oil: oil thats not greasy and used for hair only makes hair smooth and shiny (I haven't tried it but I heard its good) 
  • Pure argan oil: can be used on face(moisturizes), body or hair (restores shine and relieve frizz)


Au natural said...

i really want to try moroccan oil, i heard a lot about it, where can i find it? i heard it works well to get curly hair, and im surprised its always been the other way around!

Anonymous said...

i make my own sea salt spray as good as no need to buy and everything natural, and yes not to healthy to use more than 2 times a week i will say

Zabo0o6a said...

Argan oil?
did you google it ? :P

Hi Maintenance said...

au natural- i tried it and it has alot of silicone in it.. but I never heard of the curly hair part ;x

anonymous- ee its the same thing bs i dont go the beach alot fa i buy the sea salt sprays ;D I used to use it daily lol.. ill try ti use it once a week ;(

zabo0o6a- yesss! Its like the big thing now, u have to try it :D and its a multi purpose product .. I do alot of research before I buy something :P

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