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Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Spotted Pig!

What would you think that would be a name for?..

a restaurant, club, boutique or a salon?

If you guessed restaurant then you got it right! The name sounds weird to me though ;p

The Spotted pig is a restaurant owned by Mario Bitali, a celebrity chef who appeared on a show with Gwenth Paltrow. 
Its is a few blocks from meatpacking and where I like to go to when Im in the area because....

Last year I saw Mariah Carey there..

and this time I saw... Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen!!??? Im not sure which 1 so maybe if your a fan of theirs you could tell me ;D does she show? at the back with the shades on..

The pic isn't close up because I didn't want her to know Im taking a pic of her.. Latsadig 3omurha :P  .. 
I also took a video of her while she was leaving the restaurant but it needs editing.. Might upload later :))).. 
Shes really short BTW

Last thing .. Don't go there if your hungry! I HATE THEIR MENU/ FOOD ;x Check out the menu on their website to see why the spotted pig ;P... I got the hamburger and it was full of cheese which made it too salty


Anonymous said...

Weird !! Bs I'd say Club ;p


Hi Maintenance said...

AO - I thought the name was weird too LOL shino spotted pig :P

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