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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Seat savers! and NY booths

I love walking down the streets of NY and checking out the booths, you can find some unique things like jewelery, sunglasses, phone covers,paintings, I love NY jackets/tops.. and its alot of fun !!

One of the booths that caught my eye was in union square.. He had seat savers :P
They look so real, im not sure about how it looks like in the pictures.. I even had to touch everything to make sure its solid!

love getting customized hats with my name/ nickname whatever I want on .. I get a new one done everytime I visit NY and they're for $20 dollars each..

And sunglasses.. You can find some stylish ones and better yet, they're just for $5!! you cant go wrong ;D .. I Love the color of this 1;

and on previous trips I got jewelry (rings and earings) and headbands.. 
take a look.. they do have good stuff sometimes ;D


Anonymous said...

ohh i got the adress wrong for the W i got mixed up the one im staying at is in times square...oo al7een shawgtini 3laih;p..i was looking for someone that stayed at it but didnt knw anyone, a friend of mine though stayed at the one in miami oo wayed mid7atli il mukan.
shwagtinii 3al amakenn..hehe al7een abii aroo7 i bargain shop!;p
believe it or not i love bargain shopping!;p
btw did u come across any vintage shops 7ilween?!

Hi Maintenance said...

vintage? Hmm a shopping post will be included after hair and restaurants :P

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