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Friday, 23 April 2010

Back from Ny!

Yes Im baaaaaaaaack!!!!! and I got alot of new goodies to try out!! and a few cool places to show ;D

some highlights of my trip ;-
* I dyed my hair ;P
** saw mary kate olsen lool :P
*** got some products/ tools I wanted for a while including clarisonic and morocan oil ;D

Anyway I didn't have internet access while I was there so thereforeee the next few posts will mostly related to NY :P

heres some random pics of the city (twni astw3b I just took pics of timesquare lool I was busy at Soho and all the good places :P)

Free Wifi in timesquare (which kept disconnecting ;( )

MAC opening soon, Timesquare also ..

MJ impersonator on broadway;

Essentials window display was interesting;

Madison park - doggy park/area;

Thats it for now ;D I need to finish unpacking!

ee 1 more thing! nail art I had done at KimSungYoung 42nd st;


Anonymous said...

3asa bas istanstay?!;p
...im going to New york in the summer oo its my first time o i want to knw all the good places i should go too , where i could find all the goodies;p!...the places i must go too..pls do include it in ur next posts;D

Hi Maintenance said...

Maee- Thank you!! yes I had so much fun thanks for asking! I just love NY Im sure you'll love it too!! The next few posts will all be about NY and at the end I'll make a list of places I love going to but didn't have time to visit this time.. where you planning on staying at?

Zabo0o6a said...

Welcome baaaaaack!
you've beeen missed girl !
where's my sou'3a ? :Pp

Zabo0o6a said...

You saw mk? ur kidding !
I love her ! I wanna see pics!

Hi Maintenance said...

Thanks zabo06a Missed u too ;* yes i did see her bs madri her or ashley lool .. ill put a pic later I also got a video but Im not sure how to edit :P ill see .. so'3a shofai bl next posts itha fi shay u wana try leme know :P

Her said...

welcome baaack:D WE WANT PICS... LOTS OF PICS:D hope u had fun... u've been missed:)

Hi Maintenance said...

Thank you hers ;** pics akthar min chithy? :P

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