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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Make-over time

This time I had to give my lovely dogs a makeover and pamper them coz im leaving them behind all alone, I wanted to make sure they looked handsome!
and who better than Animal care to do the job??

So 2 weeks ago I got my appointment and this morning they came over..

heres the before pics:

So 9 am the grooming service came and I asked for FULL grooming which includes cutting nails, brushing teeth, cutting hair and giving them a bath..


Animal care did a great job!! not only do my lovelies look fab, they're clean, and smell amaaazingg!!

price? KD 45 for both dogs


Her said...

waaay 7adhum cute:D I liked the lion haircut:p

Eden said...

OMG Cute

eshda3wa said...


Hi Maintenance said...

thank you girls ;* aren't they adorable??

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