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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Witch Hazel

Starting with a fresh and clean canvas helps your foundation look good with ease. I love using witch hazel, its gentle enough for all skin types and leaves your face with a refreshed feeling.

If your skin is irritated or inflated, the witch hazel will calm the redness and remove any traces of oil.

To learn more on how witch hazel is good for your skin, click here


Um Mit3ib said...

3inde iqtira7... kil ma taktibeen post 3an a product or service.. ta7at 7i6ay where we can find it or their number;p

3ayazna wi7na nis'al ;p

Hi Maintenance said...

Um mit3b- Im sorry I didnt add in this post but I usually do.

Witch hazel is an ingredient, so just go to any boots/ pharmacy and ask if they have witch hazel (doesnt have to be the exact same brand I have, mine are from 99 cent stores in the US ;p)

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