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Saturday, 6 March 2010

mini sizes..

Remember when this little bottle of maii illgaa7 came out from Bahrain?? 
I was so excited about it I showed it to everyone; I thought it was a cute little thing..
now its offered in nearly every co-op in kuwait ;D


now, Al Jaser factory in Bahrain made a smaller version of it..


.. theres also hand sanitizers that came in the same mini 1 time use sachets..


They're the same size as those ketchup sachets we get from the fast food restaurants.. speaking of ketchup, check out this lil guy ;p


1 last pic.. water thats smaller than the abraj bottle ;P

Im loving the mini world.. much easier to carry everything around ;D


ba6alah said...

may el legaa7 momtaaz!

Anonymous said...

I still prefer Abraaj :)

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