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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Claires I-shine eyeshadow

I discovered these eyeshadows a while ago while getting some hair pins from claires accessories

I got the I-shine ones.. Theres so many different types/formulas 

I mainly use the  black/ silver its more like a gun metal shade

I love it!! and who would've thought Id love make up thats from Claires?? I thought it was for kids when I first saw it (bad quality makeup for kids that like to play around)

You can use your fingers with this and get a great look and it also creases to get that "yesterday makeup" effect

If you hate the creasing look, you can pat another color on top of it and use it as a base for a smokey look

The formla isn't like your typical eyeshadow.. I don't know how to describe it.. Next time your at claires check it out, they have testers

and hey its only KD1.750 ;D give it a try!!

I know the tin looks like i've used it alot bs the truth is.. my shadows always fall and break ;x


Fairytaled said...

omg claire's! i love their accessorize but i nver thought of checking out their makeup, the one n the pic shakla 7lo i had a similar shade from Pout (when we used 2 have it n dubai).
thnx 4 sharing dear :)

Hi Maintenance said...

fairytaled- I never thought I'd like their eyeshadow!! def. worth giving them a try o this color is nice, Ive never tried anything by pout
uW ;*

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