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Saturday, 27 March 2010

A Girls Best Friend..



Anonymous said...

i have a question
wheres a good place to let someone do ur makeup for a wedding or melcha? i want it to be very very simple mo swalif ala'a dashti,cuz i find that kind of makeup horrible.
adry mala shgl eb ur post bs i had nowhere else to write ;$
mabeh eb3ed 3an elmana6eq elda5eleya with affordable price.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous I think I can help ,, ana I hate ala'a dashti o 3abeer ilyaseen even mneera ilfarai ili kilman yan 3alaiha !!

I always do my makeup 3ind Jackie in Bobbi Brown (Avenues) o shiqilha iyaniin very very simple yet glamorous ,, aw even Fady from Bobbi Brown (soug sharg) bs ana personally ma 7a6ait 3inda my friends did o they liked it ;p

Asasan makeup BB 5afeef o mafi wayid colors nafs mac fa you'll ber ok ,, You can go to them and ask ,,

I hope this helped

AO ;*

Hi Maintenance said...

Anonymous- I havent had my make up done at a salon for a long tiiimmmeeee... but if I had to my first option would be ala2 dashty (but I know u and alot of other girls dont like her makeup).. option 2 would be salon brigette (marina hotel) wayid 7loooo!! her make up heavy but it enhances features o they have ALOTTT of brides on weekends!
also in glamour 3beir il yaseins salon fi wa7da I like her make up wayid na3im ismha FEDWA

as AO said check out bobbi brown and MAC they usually have make up artists in the making ;p

you can always call the salon and ask what day they have brides and go see their makeup

hope my answer helped

AO- ur one big Bobbi brown fan ;* .. & I too hate 3beirs and mneira al faraiz make up :P

Anonymous said...

Hahaha shrayich feeni wana ili ajawib ? Il blog blogi wana madri ;p

yes I am ;*

AO ;*

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