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Monday, 1 March 2010

Sugar and Spice

I passed by Discovery mall because my cousin recommended a cake shop there.

Take a look at the pictures;

mini kuwait flag cupcakes o madre what kind of animal that is next to it ;x ;

This cake looks go0o0od!! ;

kuwaiti flag;

Crocodile cupcakes cake and look at the cute elephant cupcake under it;

Puppy cupcakes (Yorkshire terriers and Maltiser) and the pink pig on the side is cute/funny ;

I just got the yorkiee. Isn't he adorable?? even though it did melt a little.  Im not going to eat it!! what should I name him??


I loved all the 3D animal cupcakes the most! They look way too cute o eat.

The shop is called sugar and spice. They're located in the food court in discovery mall (behind krispy creme) and shwaikh co-op. My yorkie was for KD1.

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