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Sunday, 28 February 2010

I H.A.T.E ..



No matter how hard you try to accessories them and try to make them look pretty :/


Anonymous said...

i soo agree with u their plain ugly!;\

Cherry said...

a7ebhum theyr so comfortable! walla its the best thing 7ag el khafara,

a7eb alwanhum o ashkalhum ;p

Zabo0o6a said...

I haaaaaate them alot !
Waaaai3, girls used to wear them for college , while some men wear them with dishdasha's!
Yuck Ok i think they're practical for chalet and so forth but not to walk around at malls and such !

Anonymous said...

I can not agree more ,, I seriously HATE them ,, ya3ni they're so Bulky and Ugly ,, and not feminine.

I hate them as much as I hate the UGG boots. (Yes girls I said I hate UGGS) ya3ni kilish mu 7ilween !! I can't imagine someone wearing a cute short dress with tights and a colorful Shatoosh and UGGS !! Its ruining the outfit !!

PS: tell me if you got the Acrylic ;p
AO ;*

Umm Dhari said...

yes they are
2 things i didnt even try CROCS and the modern in#al Majdiya the one that all girls wore in 2006

CROCS are cute for kids only every season I buy dhari 3 in differnt colors yellow red green or orange brown and navy

Anonymous said...

it ruins EVERYTHING! lil daraja girls started to wear them to parties while everyones in heels and cute flats! e7ir gilna 7ag il chalet its fine bs ya3ni mo ''everyday wear'' i wear them as house slippers or lama atmasha bil garden BS!

Lady ToMa said...

yaah its i never have them in my life

Lady ToMa said...

yaah its i never have them in my life

Anonymous said...

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