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Saturday, 27 February 2010

My make up SETS

Its important for every girl to have at least a make up set, They can help her start building her make up collection. They have many colors and are great beacause theyre all in 1 box.

I have a few sets which I'll show you in todays post and let you know why I have each one of them..

 First of are these paint colors, these I mainly use for body art or art makeup (like avatar makeup)  not something a girl would wear for a day out. I like the bold colors like the green on the 2nd top row/ 2nd column, its very similar to Katy Perry's eyeshadow color in Hot Cold video

Then I have my Urban Decay.. I LOVE THEIR PACKAGING its so pretty and they all come with a mini size Urban Decay Primer Potion


If your a girl that loves Blingy eyeshadow, these palettes are for you.. But I don't like the glittery colors. Its like chunks and chunks of glitter and the glitter flies everywhere when you blend ;x


But the colors that don't have those chunks of glitter are so beautiful and are only found at urban decay.. like the 3 swatches below..

And then I have my 88 coastal scents palettes, I have both the shimmering and regular. Love them both.. They have every color you will EVER need and they are very pigmented.


 The last 2 are by Sleek. Each palette is 3 pounds I think .. great bargain but they sell out real fast! I only got my hands on sleek storm and sleek jewel palettes and will try to get more next time im at Super dug. Theres a purple brown shade that I love wearing alot and get alot of compliments on. The colors are a little harder to work with unlike the 88 palette. Still, great palettes and great price


I skipped 2 palettes that were in the first pic because they're not even worth mentioning ;p .. if you have any questions feel free to ask ;D


Loudina said...

can you tell me if they sell Urban Decay in kuwait? if so, then where? thank you!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the 88 Palette from?

Hi Maintenance said...

theres some urban decay products in Faces avenues (infront of FCUK and near Forever21).. Im not sure if they still carry it coz ma 3laih 6alab ;/

Hi Maintenance said...

anonymous- online

Anonymous said...

hopefully u can help ..do u know where can i buy material for applying acrylic nails?

Hi Maintenance said...

anonymous- try either il jawthan (salmiyah near sana and noodles) or kims salon,they MIGHT have 25724928

Hi Maintenance said...

anonymous- AO just confirmed that iljawthan do have them

Anonymous said...

thanks so much u always answer me ;)

Anonymous said...

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