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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Eskimo Kids- Dietary Supplements

A while back, I read on ba6alah.wordpress.com how omega 3 can improve memory

so I decided to buy my supplements, I chose Eskimo kids (liquid form with tutti-frutti taste)

Its a dietary supplemet that contains natural essential fatty acids and vitamins which work together to enhance growth and development

Eskimo kids contains;

  • Omega-3: which is found naturally in oily fish such as salmon and tuna fish (good for memory and heart)
  • Omega-6: which is naturally found in plant oils such as corn seeds and peanuts (good for skin, hair and nails)
  • Omega-9: which is naturally found in some vegetables and plant oils
  • And has vitamins A, D and E

to read more on omega 3 6 9 benefits visit: http://www.mind1st.co.uk/omega-3-6-9.asp


ba6alah said...

Good o it's really healthy and as u said its the best gift in Valentine's day bas mino eyqader hehehe

Cupcake said...

They're yummy too :)

PS. You got your post!

Cupcake said...

They're yummy too :)

PS. You got your post!

Hi Maintenance said...

cupcake- i just tried it... kilish mo yummy :x you got your post? what do u mean?

cat-eyezz said...

i was hoping it would be yummy.. stanast lema garait tutti frutti taste bas i cant imagine what fruit and fish together would taste like ;x

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