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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Foundation q- Answered and The Color Wheel

The first way is what most of you guessed. Using a moisturizer with ...

i'm using it with pigments..

customized tinted moisturizer;

Now for the complicated stuff.. you first have to understand color theory

Understanding color theory will help you to understand how color works.

Learning color theory is with the color wheel. The color wheel allows you to see groupings of colors that are harmonious together and other colors that might clash.

The primary colors are RED, YELLOW, and BLUE. These colors, in traditional color theory, cannot be formed by mixing any other color.

All other colors are derived by combinations of these colors.

Secondary colors are created by making use of the primary colors that are found on each side of the secondary color. For example, green is a secondary color and will be found on the color wheel between blue and yellow. Orange, which is also a secondary color, will be found between yellow and red. It is understood that the secondary colors are composed of equal portions of the two primary colors involved.

If you know how to use the color wheel you can make up any color, and this is how im going to make my foundation today.

you can use anything creamy

i'm using a red lipstick, and black cream shadow, yellow and white face paints to make my heavy coverage foundation

start off by mixing red and yellow (neutralize redness using yellow)

its ok, if you get orange, keep on mixing till it turns brown/nude

after u get a brownish shade, add white to lighten or black to darken

and voila

the result;

This isn't the only use of the color wheel, if you know how to use it, you'll be able to know what you need as in concealer and all.
Example a yellow concealer is used to neutralize dark under eye darkness

Try it out for yourself. Get a color wheel and some face paints and play around with colors... it will make sense then

Experiment, and practice.. Theres really nothing to it
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