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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

25/26 Feb

Everyone is already celebrating, shwari3 za7ma, children dressed up in kuwaiti flag everywhere, co-ops and many stores are selling flags and foams and many stuff for national/ liberation day

and heres my take on things you can do at home if your bored or want to do something for the kids 

1) Kuwait flag nails


2) cola cap covered with swaroviski in process of becoming an earing 


3) bead earing 


 any other ideas?? and what will you be doing during this holiday? 


ba6alah said...

staying in dowaneya is the best plan :]

Anonymous said...

I thought u were very picky about the nails but when i saw ur nails done they were'nt perfect as i thought alot of mess.

Hi Maintenance said...

anonymous- hahahah what a funny comment.. So am I not supposed to experiment/ try new products/ do something new when i'm bored??
Its ok to mess around, I usually remove them right after im done and get them professionally done right after ;p (In this case I went to bubbles after 2 days);p .. don't worry i'm VERY picky when it comes to anything related to beauty ;p

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