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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Avatar, Lorenzo, 360

Yesterday I saw Avatar, its a great movie.. If you still haven't seen it you def should..
Wayid indmajt o I don't mind going to see it again

This is the avatar of the lovely Adam Lambert;

After the movie I went to have lunch at lorenzo, its between lenotre and life with cacao in 360.

Lorenzo is one of my favourite restaurants in kuwait . I usually go there to get their mushroom soup, margarita pizza and their yummy chocolate cheese cake! just thinking about these 3 makes me want to go there again!!

Ams we ordered the usuals; mushroom soup, margarita pizza and chocoalte cheese cake
AND new to the menu is their fillet towers- its 3 steaks with different toppings and koosa with red/yellow/green pepper

Fillet Towers, very nicely presented! always a bonus in my book;

Then for desert, when Im eating there I LOVEEEE the strawberry mufflay aw mulfay (madre shlon its spelt)

Its thin slices of bread 3laihom sugar o y76oon cream cheese aw creama to stick them together o fi slices of strawberry in between (6b3an i made up the ingredients, im not sure of anything other than the strawberries)

Seriously, lorenzo is the BEST

all this; 1 mushroom soup, pizza, fillet towers, strawberry muffley, chocolate cheese cake, coffee , 2 bottles of water was KD20

To make things even better; taw il lails guy that makes a chicken sound 3rftooh bo kisha? e kan y3zf there and it was sooo goood!! oo he plays there every weekend!

I know the pic is not clear, bs hes there in the back!

This was around 6pm if your wondering why its so empty


PaLoMiNo said...


waiiiiiiiii mswyaa rejeeeem 7aaraaaammmmm 3alych :P

khala9 bacher broo7 akil ;D

ba6alah said...

amazing movie , about 360 most of the shops didn't open yet that's why its empty

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