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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Boobs and braas

If your looking for a different kind of bra or breast support... you might be interested in this;-

mmmm a hand bra loool madreeee no comment ;x

I also found an interesting article on the top 10 boob inventions / products which would make as funny gifts .. maybe?


Monday, 8 June 2009

Best time to cut your hair

I got this email and wanted to share just incase you didnt know...



كليهما لهمل علاقه ببعضهما....لنرى...هااااي يا بنات يا حلوين ...المعلومة بجد جديدة وغريبة وانا اول مرة قرأتها ماصدقتها وانا قرأتها بالصدفة فى موقع اجنبي والمعلومة هيانه المرأة تتأثر هرموناتها جدااا يوم اكتمال القمر (البدر ) ليلة 14 فى الشهر الهجريوبناء على كذا بيكون الميعاد المناسب لقصشعرها لو هي حابه تقصه ويطول بعدها على طووول وبسرعة وان هذا سر من اسرارسرعة نمو الشعر بعد قصه وكمان بيخليه يكون كثيف وغزير اكثر والطريقة الصحيحه هى انك تستنى يومين او ثلاثة مو اكثر من اكتمال البدر وبعد كذا تقصي شعرك أوتقصي اطرافه وهو بيكون الميعاد المناسب عشان تضمنى سرعة نمو شعرك بعدها وكمان غزارته وبعد ما قريت المعلومة هذه سمعت دكتور بيقولها فى برنامج ارجو ان كلنا نجرب ونستفيد على هذه المعلومة السهلة ولازم نحاول نلتزم فيها ومش نخسر شئ وطبعا راح نستفيد اكثر جدااا النمو مع العناية بالزيوت والتغذية وبنلاقي نتيجة مذهلة

....سبحان الله..اهلنا واجدادنا كانوا يقولون لنالاتقصون شعركم اى وقت..سبحان الله

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Are you beautiful?

Everyone gets negative comments every now and then, people in general love to judge others. Even if you don't hear it, 7ash is common.

So what is your definition of beauty?
Some one natural? without make- up and not ashamed of themselves. You think people who wear make-up wear a mask because they're ashamed of their features?
If thats what you think, its okay. Everyone has their own opinion. My definition of beauty is more than just what you see on a person from the outside. Theres more to it than how you look. When your confident, your beauty shines. Being pretty does not make you beautiful. Anyone can become pretty, they just need to know what works for them but not everyone can be beautiful.

Someone beautiful would have a beautiful soul, they see the whole world beautiful, they see the best in everything. With people, they don't judge anybody, compare anybody to anyone

Makeup i not a mask, it enhances features if applied right. Everyone has imperfections, no one is perfect.

Think of it in another way, when wearing clothes. If you have a tiny waist, you would most likely wear a waist belt. If you feel a little short, you would wear heels, heels also make a women feel sexy. If you feel fat, you would most likely wear black. You express who you are in your clothes. You bring out what parts you like and hide parts you dislike. So whats wrong with wearing make up? In the end, its their choice. Not yours. So you are you judging? Make up is no big deal, it can always be washed off.

I once tried to duplicate a Barbie look to impress a guy, and surprisingly, he laughed in my face and he probably thought I looked like a clown. It didn't stop me from wearing make up though. Make up is art. Its fun to experiment with. Theres no right or wrong to apply it and if you keep trying you will get it right eventually.

When you judge some one, how do YOU view yourself as a person? If you cant respect others, others cant respect you and if you live like this you will never ever ever be happy. Shall I tell you why? Because your not a happy person and there is no wore feeling than holding a grudge.. Why choose hatred? don't hate others.. its pointless. By doing so you would only reveal your ugly side.

If your one of those people who judge, all I can say to you is your wasting your time. You dont even know the person and im sure your opinion doesnt even matter. Someone beautiful wouldn't care about your bitterness and become ugly. You'll never succeed with your friends because your life is miserable.

Next time you go out, you can either see something and continue as if theres nothing or you can reveal your ugly side and comment.

Now ladies do what makes you feel happy, whatever you like. Wear your make up whenever you want. Love yourself, if you dont love yourself.. who will?

Remember, make up can make a person "prettier" but it doesn't decide whether or not they're beautiful. It takes more than what you look like to be beautiful.

yallah im off to bed. Good night girlies ;*

Friday, 5 June 2009

Kuwaits Desserts

I Used to be a loyal customer to little treats! Their cupcakes used to be sooooo delicious and they look too good sometimes mawdi akilhom! Bs last time I received them their cupcakes were dry o madre china old. So I called them a week later and told them that the quality changed o they're just increasing their prices. little treats isnt the same as they were before and I need my choclate!

So I decided to head over to crumbs since alot of people like their lollipops. When I got to their sh3b location I saw the lollipops bs they said that they are all reserved!!!! MO ILLA! Im sure theres plenty other great choclate and dessert places.

So tawa on google I searched shino ako wana madre 3ana. Oo I Found a mouth watering image.

This image is from a place called Choclate paradise. Its the right name for the image!!! I picked my fone and ordered a dozen oo im receiving them tomorrow at 3 pm.

Small Portion [ 1 Dozen ] = 5kdBig Portion [ 30 pieces ] = 10kd

to order call 55897588

Thursday, 4 June 2009


Im going to make a contest! Anyone who knows what countries those 2 flags on the bike pic I just posted will get my favourite foundation sponge "The Beauty Blender". Contest ends on June 11.


Only in kuwait have I seen a dude on a bicycle in the middle of the streets (salmya almbarak st.) + IN THIS VERY HOT TEMP. (around 11.30 am) Oh and it wasn't an ordinary bicycle.. it had flags which i thouight looked fun :P lool
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