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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Get Hair professionally done at home!!

In brief, my friend, lets call her star has huge passion for hair and wants to be a hair stylist

Star always gets asked how she did her hair, what products shes using, what she recommends etc etc.. Starting at a very young age she would do other peoples hair, duplicate pictures from celebrities and models, you name it she can do it.. You will get to know her better in future posts

and shes going to share everything; all her secrets here =D

Today shes staring with the basics.. Before doing any hairstyle she straightens her hair..

This is the BEFORE picture of her hair;

Now to straighten..

First, apply a serum/heat protectant to your hair concentrating on ends while its wet and comb through it to make it manageable later..

she also recommends this sunsilk intensive treatment hair mask 
saying " may5ali il sha3ar edahhin bsr3a"

now leave your hair to airdry ATLEAST 15 mins to prevent damage

Part your hair into sections (2 or 4) if your going for 4 parts, leave 2 at the bottom and 2 top parts

Using a National blowdryer like the one below, blowdry each section

At this stage your hair should be kind of straight but still no shine
(and shows its been straightened)

then re-section again and go over each section with a flat iron

and you should end up with...

Side view; 

Back view;

Result?? Long, luscious, shiny, locks


Umm Dhari said...

love you and your friend STAR

Hi Maintenance said...

awwww we love uu too <3

Anonymous said...

Mashalla that's a huge change !

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