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Saturday, 27 March 2010

I Love The Avenues

Everytime I go to the avenues I get cute gifts!!

Last week I went to Dean and Deluca o awal madshait one of the workers gave me flowers which were soooo pretty, they were pink o ili 3la pink o yellow. VERY PRETTYYYY they were by au nom rose .. 7asafa I did not take a pic and they died already ;( ..

Today I got this book of chocolates from KENZO and it made my day ;D

Shakla 9ayer 3la kitaab it looks very nice, this is what it says when you open it: 

    "Chocolate... our favourite comfort food, that makes us feel happy and fabulous. Its "Green&Black's" scrummy, lip-smacking, mmm-mmm good organic chocolate. The amazing stuff in this chocolate actually tells your brain to be happy so you feel fabulous. This is also true when you try our deliciously, delightful dark chocolate.

"Green&Black's amazingly delicious chocolate starts with organically grown cocoa beans without chemicals and all the yucky stuff, they actually taste better. This means that you get all the good things and none of the horrible stuff.

Its worth remembering hat conventional cocoa is one of the most heavily sprayed crops on the planet, which can seriously harm the growth of your loved ones. At "Green&Blacks " we believe you wouldn't want your children sprayed with chemicals, and we feel the same about our Cocoa Beans.

All the ingredients used in "Green&Black's" Organic chocolate are GM free (genetically Modified), but we dont stop there as all the organic milk in "Green&Black's" chocolate is also hormone free. Hormones such as BGH (Bovine Growth Hormone) which can be found in Conventional Milk can increase cancer. So with "Green&Black's" you can indulge in the great taste without any of the worry.

The antioxidants in chocolate are known to help our immune system, reduce the risk of cancer and help our hearts healthy. Dark chocolate has higher level of antioxidants than blueberries! Antioxidants are good for us as they slow down damage to our bodies and keep us happy"

Theres 4 bars; Dark, milk, white, raisin and hazelnut chocolate ..  

Its also available in the Co-ops

I Love The Avenues!!!


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