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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

7ina disaster @ DeEemZz Salon

I was planning to go to a salon I've been to a few years ago bs when I went wla the building bkubbra was no longer there!! It was in 7walli yam a school madre shismha and the salons name was huda

Anyway... I then went to salmiya, shari3 baqdad and i stopped by oriental princess I asked if they had anyone to do nagsh 7ina they said no. 
Ri7t il3mara ili yamhom I asked the salon they said they dont do it either..

 I called my friends and everyone also suggeted Rashna.. Ive been to rashna, their customer service is X, 9alonhom za7ma fa they talk bsloob 5ayis AND their prices are over! ya3ni im paying,  respect ur customers!

So on my way in baqdad street I came across a few salons that had their number on the 9alon sign board. I called 2 and they both said ma3ndhom a7ad eswe nagsh 7ina.

Then I came across salon yam ma63am DoDo, still on baqdad street.
Isma Deemzz it looked very trendy o the sign board looked nice o I called them they said yes they do nagsh 7ina. Yayy .. I THOUGHT

Nizalt, the place inside looked nice, well dicorated and all they showed me around their nail bar area kan 3ndhom alot of nail polishes from zoya to essie 

Ilmohm they put me in a room and offered me something to drink I said no thanks, b9ara7a I dont trust places for the first time madre ymkn e76onli shay ;p

even though I said no thanks they still brought me a glass of apple juice. which looks like champain ;p (I didn't drink it)

The girl then started designing on my hand o ma3jbni so I washed it straight away, she tried again and It turned out worse! I told her 5ala9 no need!! 

Y3ni there was nothing nice about the design 7ata ihya mbyn mat3rf!! inzain mat3rfeen golai ma3rf mo qasb tswen ro7ich t3rfeen just for the sake of money!

The 7ina experience was a complete FAIL

I paid KD4.. its not even worth 100 fils! 

I got home and immediately tried to scrub it off with lemon, alcohol, acetone.. it didn't go

anyone know how I can remove it?? plzz help ;'(

GOOD NEWS is i found mobile ra3yat salon Huda, they are now located in jahra but do home service and I'll call them as soon as this ugly design goes


Fairy said...

oh my it is really a disaster! laish che chana yahel rasm 3la eedich! yala enshala it will go away soon.
btw my nieces keep bugging my mom ybon yet7non fa she got these henna stickers ma3rf mn wain bs they have pretty good designs u only stick and apply henna.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear god !!

Ana i7irooni ili igoloon ee we do and bi9ij may3arfoon shay ,, bs yala mai5alif iroo7 bsir3a itha ma5alaiteeh moda.

Lemon is good ,, also try soaking ur hand in water mixed with salt. The salty water really helps and you can try using a good scrub but don't over do it.

Best of luck


Hi Maintenance said...

Fairy- shftay ;( .. La I don't like the sticker ones, even though they are way better than what I got

AO- I used a toner and it did help remove it!!

Anonymous said...

u can use wax and wax it of :P

Anonymous said...

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