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Friday, 19 March 2010

Shopping Haul

Girls, theres alot of nice things blsooog these days!! I've been shopping alottt

Heres some of the things I got..

starting with day wear;

First I got this Top from Topshop (Debenhams soog sharg).. 
The Circles are transparent .. U MUST wear something under it!!

And I got this legging from Topshop tooo 

its got those zippers on the bottom sides and the material is quite thick


I Then got this vest from Bershka, theres many diffrent colors.. Blue, beige and grey

Guess which color I took??

 then all the dresses below are from FCUK

now to the evening part ;D

This top too is by FCUK ..  I THINK the pink color is sold out already.. fi black


 and this lovely dress by Kenzo

It looks like a skirt o top but its actually a dress and fee rab6a on the side.. Theres also grey from it.. I love this dress!! The picture isn't doing any justice!! and its knee length

 Did you like any of the things I got??


Bibi said...

Wowwww the vest is really nice...but 3amhom kilhom the blue dress khayaaaaaal sij sij thoqy I'll go buy one tomorrow 7adaaaa yazliiii

Anonymous said...

a7eb kenzo dresses <3

Anonymous said...

a7eb kenzo dresses <3

Zabo0o6a said...

French connection ybared elchabd !
Malbous el3afya ;)

Her said...

3aleach bel3afya... love the vest and the dresses :)

Hi Maintenance said...

Bibi- thankyouu ;* the blue color is verry prettyy

anonymous- me too, my faves!

zabo0o6a- ee its a 1 stop shopp, you can always find something there ;D allah y3afeech

Her- Thanku ;*

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