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Monday, 8 March 2010

Random Updates ;D

* Its been over 2 months since my first visit to the Dermatologist Dr. Issa Bachour, i'm still going for regular visits but I dont feel any improvement YET. He told me treatments usually take 6 months before visible results show so we shall wait and seee ;D

** I spotted this teeth whitning product at their clinic (Inaya Clinic), it looks very interesting wddi ajrba ;p bs my teeth are pearly white already. I Don't think it would show whether or not this product,  might still try it anyway.. anyone tried it?? ee tithakart ..someone once told me they paint their teeth with white nail polish (which I find hard to believe)

*** If you follow me on twitter you would have known I've been looking for a place to do nagsh 7inna, madre wain ajrrb.. any suggestions? I will post a pic whenever I get it done

****Does any one have any kind of questions for a gynecologist? Ill have one interviewed nexttttt for a DR SERIES post ;D


Zabo0o6a said...

Fe some salon belsh3eb elba7ry some indian lady i forgot her name wallah bs wayed mad7eeli eyah , im not a big fan of 7enna though !

Hi Maintenance said...

Rashna?? It seems like all kuwait goes there! but I hate it

Fairy said...

i always go to Rashna, we have it here in Dubai fananat ele y7anen there *thumps up*

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