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Monday, 26 April 2010

John Frieda

So before leaving to NY I decided that during my stay, I'd dye my hair..
my first option and the person I wanted most was Ken Paves but since he works in LA I had to talk to his manager (Kelly) to see if Ken was free and if he could come to me in NY.. Unfortunately he was busy and his manager appologized and so did Ken himself! so sweet of him :D

anyway so I researched for someone based in NY and I came up with Tabatha Coffee, Tabatha has her own TV show isma something makeover madre shino (google her if your interested) and she has a salon in NY and another one in LA. Her clients include Densie Richards. I called up the salon and she was working in her LA salon during my stay in NY therefore I had to look for someone else...

Then I looked up SJP hairdresser/ colorist and found out that its Serg Normant. Serg works at John Frieda, he also does many celebrities including Queen Noor of Jordan.I thought that this was a good sign as they may be familiar with our hair type/texture. I did more research on websites like yelp o NYmag and read some really good reviews of a colorist that works that works with Serg at John Freida called Simone. There was reviews saying things like shes the best, try her and you wont go again anywhere else anyway my point is wa9looha the sky! I called and booked in an appointment and went in the next day..

I asked for a shade of brown and thats what I got but its too dark it kind of looks like black. Dark hair doesn't suit me much I wanted more of a milk choc brown... So I'm going to have to dye my hair again ;( .. I need your help girls if you could suggest a good place here in kuwait or if you know a way I can lighten it at home without chemicals any help would be appreciated :)

I got a haircut too by serg and now my hair looks alot healthier but I don't love the color ;(

If you want to try john Frieda, its located in Meatpacking District area


Au natural said...

nooo! don't change the color, it looks really good!

Hi Maintenance said...

its nice but it doesnt suit my skin tone ;( , lighter hair looks better on me

Dee said...

Cutting edge.. i love their work

Um Mit3ib said...

ee cutting edge;p

Anonymous said...

Heeey !! Welcome back !! Hope you enjoyed your time in NY and your back full of energy and exciting posts ;*

See the problem is when you see a brown color and you like ,, it won't be the same on you lana i7na our hair tone is red fa its really hard to get the chocolate brown shade we all dream of ;p

I personally like the color bs if you're not happy then you should go to Nabeela in Michelle's salon (AKA Carita) and see ,, here's the number 25746151

Welcome back again
AO ;*

Zabo0o6a said...

If you found a good colorist limme know , I wanna change my hair color as well but it's jet blaaaaack so I want someone who can change the color with damage control :P

Hi Maintenance said...

Dee & um mit3b- the cutting edge is not like what it used to be before.. all the staff are new and i didnt like them

AO- hmm I havent heard about their coloring.. mabi ajazif anymore

zabo0o6a- laish il experimenting on my hair?? :< .. well mostly people are telling me to go to zainab at laila harmony or jack.. o fi wa7da galatli btyebli 5al6a tfati7 ilsha3ar naturally.. madre ill c

cat-eyezz said...

ur hair is gorgeous! mashalaaah wayed 7elo! and personally i love the color bas i get why u wanna get it darker.. taneen tfat7eena try the chamomile shampoo we got some from italy and my sister has been using it w feta7 sha3arha.. not damatically bas conisdering its a shampoo its really good.. etha tabeen something faster try the intea eli habbaw feeh bel kwait its a chamomile spray.. wetha tabeen el khal6a compltely natural just boil baboonej and put it on ur hir and stay in the sun for a while everyday, definitely yfatte7..

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel

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