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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Josie Maran- Glow on the go

Maybe its her? maybe its maybellinee.. Ring a bell??

 Josie Maran? The face of maybelline a few years ago? 
Remember her? she used to do almost every ad for them..

Well recently, Maran came out with her own beauty line under her name 
and her products are sold at sephora (I think its exclusive)

I decided to give one of her products a try when I saw you can get a set of her best selling items to achieve a healthy glow.(Its all about the gloww!!) and instead of paying $117 you only pay $48 - Great ;D

The carton can be used as a photo frame - "reusable packaging means a gift for you and the planet" 

all the products are infused with pure organic argan oil and the set contains:

- Face Wipes
- Black Mascara 
- Natural Volume Lip Gloss
- Bronzing Argan Oil
- Bronzing /Blush Duo 


what I thought

I was actually disappointed with this set..

1) the bronzing oil size, come on this size is what they should give away as samples!


2) the bronzer blush duo- its too light and doesn't show up on my skin. I think its made for the palest of the pale ;(


3) the lip gloss wand/applicator is pretty stiff and I didn't like that either

I haven't tried the bronzing oil, mascara or the wipes yet and i'm not even excited about trying them out anymore;(


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