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Monday, 24 May 2010

Dr. Isa Bachor And Gina

So I tweeted a few days ago how I got a wrinkle on my eyelid 
 anyway I kept calling my Dr (Dr bachoor), waiting for someone to cancel their appointment!

 luckily, when I called them on saturday, I got an appointment sunday (today)
 but the timing makaan mnasbnii so I told the secretary I cant wait abi 3l maw3d!
galatli maximum wait is 15 mins!!

Youm r7t wla za7ma!!
  alot of girls waiting there 6af their appointment time by an hour o jdami around 5!!!
so I told the secretay I TOLD U I CANT WAIT! O madre shino 9arat salfa o I asked for another appointment galat no way you cant get another appointment fi long waiting list so I left!

after 20 mins one of the secretaries called she was like 7beebti il DR yabi yshoofich
 TAW IL NAS sba7 il5aaiir! ilmohim sakarta bwayha..

chan tdg the other secretary galtli 7beebti mta tbeen n76lch mw3d?
 TWA MAKO MWA3EED!! ham skarta bwayiha

and I was telling myself that NOWAY am I going back!

mashof ila il DR dag 3laiiiii <3 o he insisted I come back so I told him i'll pass by lama aftha tonight and stuff, he said he'll be waiting, be5ali my file 3nda :D so cutee! AND I felt important!

ilmohim I went around 7pm o dshait after 20 mins! (they squeezed me between the appointments) and 3ashaan erathooni, they gave me a free facial + mico - dermabrasion (diamond) worth KD60!!

  soo unbeleivably soft!

the diamond microdermabrasion HURTS ALOTTTT
I never experienced anything as painful but I always tell myself..

I was extremeeely happy!! He values his patients and I love him for that (and for the great skin hes given me too!!)

and then if you remember the Gina Incident I also tweeted about, in short I ordered my slipper through TSC and when I saw it on of the crystals kanat 6ay7a o they fixed it o I got it today :D

<3 <3 <3


Enigma said...


so do u reccomend the diamond dermabrasion?? I'm dying to do some sort of taqsheer il 7amdillah i don't have any deep scars just dull skin and large pores.

Shakly I'll pay dr bashor a visit :D

Hi Maintenance said...

ee i do recommend it! the diamond dermabrasion ya36i natharah! im going to be doing it like every 3 months or so
definatly give the Dr a visit 3ad shofai mta t7a9leen mw3id ;P

Enigma said...

lol 3ad i heard 6ag em6agag 3enda

Hi Maintenance said...

true that! if you call now you might get an appointment next year lol

Enigma said...

OLAAAA ambaihhh lool lahadaraja!!

Yalla shensawey ba3ad ba7jez maw3ed, eshwaray I have a long To-Do list to keep me busy till next year loooool

byootiful said...

heyyy i wanna know more abt the diamond dermabrasion! what does they do exactly! and where to do it in Abu dhabi? XD

Hi Maintenance said...

Enigma: mushkillah mwa3eedhom! but in my opinion, its worth the wait

byootiful: the diamond dermabrasion
eda5il oxygen in the skin o removes/peels off dead skin cells that are making your skin dull.. imagine a rough stone scrubbing your face.. and sorry im not sure where its done in dubai, check with a good dermatologist.. they should have it in most clinics

byootiful said...

thank youuuu dear

D said...

hii, i have a problem that i wish u could help me with. 3ndi athaar 7boob ! to be clear: 9arli more than a year ma 3ndi 7boob y3ni lam tmskeen my face na3em, bs 3ndi 9ob elckeeks athaar (shoi 3la pink color), i don`t know if u can advice me 3la something to do? or recomend a dr. a7ad mjareb mushkelaat athaar o raa7t 3la eeda ? cuz i m sick of visiting dr o mako nateja

Hi Maintenance said...

D- Im not so sure what your talking about but anyway what works for me might not work for you, I really recommend Dr bachoor he made my skin look and feel amazing...Im no dermatologist, Im a makeup artist; Id be glad to help you if you have make up related questions :)

Anonymous said...

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