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Monday, 31 May 2010

Fake lashes- Duo Glue and FOOD

  • Fake lashes!! what can I say? I LOVE THEM! my favs are the ones by nicola from girls aloud!! so natural  i love them; perfect for day or night

  • fake lashes e6ali3 il make up
  • brings more attention to eyes
  • and no look is complete without them
  • they can instantly change make up from normal to WOW

wether its just eyeliner and fake lashes or heavy eye make up.. lashes to me are a must!

that being said, you need to have a good glue some thing that will make your lashes stay in place all day
and you dont have to worry about them

I use DUO, its so gooooooood just as good as patex,
 I've tried all the ones they sell in kuwait and they dont come close as good..
 once I have my lashes on i know they will remain on with DUO

the problem is that I cant find it in kuwait! I buy it from MAC counters overseas..

does anyone know if they sell it anywhere here??

also knt abi as2al itha a7ad mjrb one of those food centers ili they send your meals throughout the day
, im not on a diet its just that we dont have a cook o mali 5lg klshay a6lb mn mokan :P
 so it has to be tasty and does not make me loose weight!

O thanks ;*


Cat-Eyezz said...

jarrabt diet care to gain weight bas kelesh ma 3refaw yetsarrefon atwaqa3 kent awal wa7da yayatlehom agolehom abi amten.. the food isnt TASTY lanna mafeeh dehoon w chethe, but it was good.. 7elo ena its courses ya3ne y7e6on appetizer w main meal w desert for each meal w u have a lot of choices.. and IF i ate everything atwaqa3 i wouldve gained weight bas i didnt eat everything.. bas etha for getting all 3 meals 3ayal i would recommend it..bas ask around lana the food isnt amazing its 'good enough'.. ana a6leb freej swaile7 kel yom machbos'hom nar lool;p

Zabo0o6a said...

I love lofat foow jarbeeeh, you can give them a call and check ;)

Hi Maintenance said...

cat eyes- la lazm tasty!! ffrej swail7? jrbai zaman awal! I like it more!!

Zabo0o6a- ee most have recommended lofat, bamurhom ashof.. thnx ;*

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