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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Shopping at Soho NY

The best shopping is ofcourse at Soho
I go to to Soho more than 1 day and I always miss some streets! a good way to make sure you covered the whole area is to take a map and cross every street as you walk through it!

Im not sure of the street names ;x So to make sure you went everywhere you should at least pass by these stores(I tried to remember as much as I can);  
  • Chanel
  • M.A.C 
  • Dolce & Gabbana 
  • LV
  • Wink 
  • UGGs 
  • Topshop (across the street Marciano by guess)
  • bloomingdales
  • Scoop 
  • Marni 
  • philip lim
  • muimui 
  • wink
  • LF
  • Alberta feretti
  • missoni 
  • Anna Sui

and check out my favourite stores in Soho (in order); 
  1.  Kirna Zibete (LUV LUV LUV this store)
  2.  Catherine Malandrino (also found at meat packing)
  3.  7 (This store is hard to find! it has stairs on the st and takes you to the basement, its right infront of UGGs, doesnt show so make sure u look for it! - and BTW 7 is not 7 for all mankind they are 2 diff stores)
  4. Tarina Tarantino has really fun/cute accessories I like the place too (infront of LV and the door is always closed you have to ring the bell)
  5.  Vivienne Tam

make sure you check out those 5 
LF is cool too its more like vintage / daily wear bs wayd mfasa5 when I went this time! I didn't find anything wearable :p hmph! .. still like that store anyway, you can layer ;D .. ok ill include this shop as a fav So 

6. LF

You Know Your No Longer In Soho When..

as soon as you hear a chinese lady say "Hanba" RUN.. 
You probably reached CANAL st.!

(Image by google.. copyright bla) 

Canal St is also known as China town.. from its name,
klshay made in china/ taqleed... mostly bags..  
they even have a chinese Mcdonald!

The first time I went to china town (I thought I was still in Soho at that time) this Chinese lady was following me saying "Hanba hanba hanba 5 dala 5 dala 5 dala" THEY SAY IT SO FAST!! meaning Handbag 5 dollar
then continues by saying Gucci chanel prada hanba hanba
so I ask her are they real? just 5 dollars? give them a curious look!
they laugh and go away.. Now I do it all the time

Try it! ekishoon + their reaction is funny :P

If your interested in checking my favorite stores.. google their locations :DDD


Anonymous said...

Thank u sooo much! Matadreen shkithr this is helpful 4 me..ya36eech il 3afya!

Hi Maintenance said...

allah y3afecch.. good to know u find it helpful :D inshallah restaurants and randoms next

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