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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Who Do You Look Like?

So I was wondering for a while..
How often do people tell you that you look like flana or someone (usually celebs)
 when you look nothing like them??

what made me think of this was, while I was in NY alot of sales people working there kept telling me I looked like .. Kim Kardashian;

I asked my bro if I look anything like her he said mmm yea you both look arabic ;p

and while im in kuwait.. when I wear blue contacts, I get " you look like nancy"

when Im tanned in spain in the summer people go like "Elissa"

people I know with curly hair are always compared to.. Miryam Faris

if you have short hair then your either an`3aam or nawaal

samra o shagra.. your definately BEYONCE

long black hair and grey contacts...  you must be HAIFA

this is hillarious :P

you must have a celeb look-a-like qasb!!!


Hamad said...

I think people watch way too much TV x_O

Her said...

you're luck then :p she's gorgeous:)
most people tell me I look like muna zaki:p or a9ala! I dont see that!

:::ShoSho::: said...

LooooooL I love this post.. Hmm, no one told me i look like a celeb hmm but once someone told me I look like Kareena Kapoor.. loool Trust me i look nothing like her looool I mean, especially my lips elli mit3agda minhom looool

Hi Maintenance said...

Hamad- They do!!

Her- no way your wayy cuter than a9alah :/

Shosho- thanks shosho I told you they have to find someone that looks like you even if there isnt! b3dain I gave you a solution for ur lips! :P

cat-eyezz said...

i allwayyss get nicole from the pussycat dolls.. heff ma7ebha i always tell them im prettier;p

Zabo0o6a said...

Well alot say im more like katherine zeta or jennifer love, ana 3nd nafsey mashabeh a7ad :P

Hi Maintenance said...

Cat eyes- I saw nicole bl 9ij! SHES HOTTT mo nafs il video clips ;/

zabo0o6a- cathrine in her old days, zoro! so pretttyyy!!

Her said...

aww thnks:$

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