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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

New Hair Color

I finally did my hair!!
Shraykom? m3a ilqaseel it should go lighter!


Zabo0o6a said...

Niice i likey ~!

Enigma said...


Her said...

very nice:) I like brown

Bibi said...

Mmm nice bs lo lighter eseer a7la..Ana my hair long and black magdar I do sobogh becuz once I did o gaaab wayhi kilaaa gali el dr never think of putting sobogh
! Ya3ni bathil 6ool 3umri black hair bs 7addi 7enna

byootiful said...

n3eeman! i wanna go back blondiee! btw is it brown w honey+platinum highlights?

ShoSho said...

Nice I like it

Hi Maintenance said...

Thanks Girls!! :D

Bibi- it should go lighter ma3a ilqseeel... I want it lighter too!!.. ako 5al6aat taftee7 il sha3ar! did you try them?

Byootiful: allah yn3m b7alich ;D I love blonde but it sends out a wrong message ;p umm no its blonde highlights then rinse zaiti (which tones down the highlights)

Cat-Eyezz said...

i absolutely love this color! hatha el lon eli abeeh 7agii bas i agree a little lighter would look better bas ham wayed 7elo na3emaaan ;* i love the highlights too theyre so beautifully done.. ;*

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