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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

New York And Buxom Lash..

While your in New York.. You MUST go beauty product shopping!! and the best places for this is..

1) Rickys; I love rickys!! it has things from make up to hair products to tissues and funny weird stuff and costumes o sunglasses o everything!!

I got things like Kems sea spray and kems detangler, beauty blender, moroccan oil;

2) Sephora; Sephora is great too .. It has the brand make up o new now at sephora is tarina tarantino and illamasqa .. Shop online get an idea of what products you might want to get ..

I got things like my clarasonic, josie maran set, buxom lashliners, sephora glitter eyeliner, smashbox O glow, too faced natural eye kit, amazing concealer;

3) CVS/ dual reade/ wellgreens/ rite aid; great for drug store make up, body creams, vitamins.. etc..

Vaseline aloe vera gel, vaseline cocoa butter, neutrogena foaming cleanser, St ives microdermabrasion;

Maybelline vibrating mascara, cover lash lash blasts, loreal studio secrets, physican formula baked collection eyeshadow, loreal true match roller foundation;

4)Essentials; more beauty products..

I've just used the liner today .. cant say anything about it yet
but I want to quickly write the little message/description that comes with the liner;

Buxom lash linermay look like just a liner but its actually a thickening and conditioning treatment that instantly takes your lashes from hardly any to very many. It goes to great lengths to nourish and strengthen your little ladies into moxie mamas

Its mineral-rich, paraben-free gel formula is made with natural ingredients, such as vitamins A,C and E, honeysuckle, jojoba oil, soy protien, tourmaline and biotin (vitamin B), which stimulates hair growth and strengthens new and existing lashes. In one fluid stroke, you can fill in the base of your lashes making them appear lusciously longer and fuller.

Sounds interesting right? yes .. I might give one away because from all the lash growth products I've used previously im getting tiny eyelashes in my rim area! no kidding


Anas said...


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Zabo0o6a said...

Abeeeeeeeeeey hatha lash enhacer thingy, is it any good?
and CG lash blast masscara is amazing !

Hi Maintenance said...

Zabo0o6a- madrrriii I only tried it once!! Tbein u try it? lemme know ;D

Zabo0o6a said...

Yes plz ;)
gelt im gonna text you 2day shesma why i can't follow you o twitter?

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