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Monday, 17 May 2010

Bubbles nail Spa

Yes I got my nails done there again yesterday.. Im actually likeing the place!! and I love their  nail polish variety

Check out my nails.. Love the vibrant blue color!!

I got the regular mani//pedi done

Price? KD15
Location? Burj Jassim
Nail polish color? Zoya flash and sparkle collection "ROBYN"


Anonymous said...

v nice color love it :D

have a question, do u have an idea on how to make the pores that appear on hands less visible!:s

Anonymous said...

hi , plz i need your advice on getting a nice hair cut and a nice shape for my brows... how can i reach u ... I LOVE YOUR BLOG 7adech jaree2aa oo ma etjaamleen,,, keep up the good work ;***

Hi Maintenance said...

anony1- Im not 100% sure but I THINK the treatment im currently using might work.. Ill post it sometime soon..and you can always o check with my dermatologist wallah hes great

anonymous2- hair cut tqreban all ive been too arent places Id recommend but alot of people tell me about zainab at laila harmony o parvin at tea rose and nina at carita ..
eyebrows I like 2.. Shining at gol dior jabriya or sawpna at laila harmony.. let me know how things go.. o Thanks ;**

Anonymous said...

thanks alot , this is anonymous2 :Pp dont you ever think of giving style consoltashions for girls ? i mean i have a nice style bs moshkelteee ma a3arf a'3ayer my style :(

Hi Maintenance said...

ilta3yeer 7ilo snd necessary sometimes ... I am considering that bs madri how.. if it doesnt work out.. you can always come visit me when I open up a salon :D

Hi Maintenance said...

ilta`3yeeeeeer** .. badliyati wayid these days

Her said...

loooove the color:) na3eeman

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