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Friday, 28 May 2010

My Whole Skin Care Routine..

This is what I use on my face.. If It has a * near the product name it means its prescribed by the DR!!

First I start off the day with the *Soskin cleanser, *Koko toner and *moisturizer I recently posted

And then...

after moisturizing I apply this DERMAdoctor picture porefect.. I got this from Sephora and I only apply it on my nose area and wait for it to dry.. it is somewhat effective and I think you can use this anywhere you have pores you want to minimize

later I apply *Soskin vitamin-C Brightness serum and reapply it throughout the day (always carry it in very my bag and apply every 1-2 hours) and this is my favourite skin care product.
Even though it says brightness I havenot noticed the brightness.. but It actually makes my skin feel so0o0oo0o0o soft!!!

then when Im back home I (cleanse and tone)

then apply a small amount of *retin A..youm o tark!  this peels off a layer of skin and usually makes my cheeks pink af if I have blush on

the next 2 products I use Once a week are;

Biore nose strips

and Dr.brandt microdermabrasion (any scrub)

and whenever my face is peeling alot from the retin-A i apply argan oil
(usually once a week to it acts like a deep moisturizer)


Simple Yet So Effective!! :D

Again, what works for my skin might not work for yours! Check with a dermatologist!! My DR knows about every product I use even if it wasnt prescribed from him


Soskin cleanser is KD 11.300

Koko Tonic  KD 13 

moisturizer 5al6at il DR 27

DERMADoctor im not sure how much I got it for but I have seen it in INAYA pharmacy in kuwait and not sure of the price but I guess 20 something

Soskin Brightning serum is KD26

Retin-A KD 2

Biore nose strips KD 2.600


Pure said...

wow thats a lot mashallah ;p .. what argan oil? oo min wain? :D

thanks a lot for this post its really helpful!
bas 3endi suggestion.. lama we access ur homepage for the posts, we have to click on "read more" for every post ;s its annoying to go back and forth 7ag kil post ;s.. mategdereen tkhaleen kil el post visible bil homepage?

Hi Maintenance said...

Pure- argan oil comes from nuts in the argan trees from morrocan.. I got mine from ABC carpet in NY, but any pure argan oil is the same.. I found some in the 7awwai but im not sure if it was 100% pure..

i thought it was easier to browse and continue reading if your interested in the topic bs me too i find it annoying on other blogs :P ok ill remove it now

shaba9a said...

you have a great blog here :p
and these products look good
i only use ponds flawless white and its great, it makes my skin very soft and flawless lol i sound like a cheezy ad xD

Pure said...

thank u so much ;* :D

Hi Maintenance said...

shaba9a-ThankuUu!! wallah I never heard of any1 using ponds bas ashoof da3ayta on tv loool :P

pure- uw ;*

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