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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Bazaar Mag.

I love flipping through Bazaar mag to see whats new.. In this months issues theres 2 things I wanted to post about...

1) Elche Organic spa and saloon

I went by Lemon-Aids recommendation and gave this salon a try and i'm glad I did..

What I thought:

the place is nice, big, and clean and VERY quiet; madre wain kil il staff mn5ashein.
I didnt take pics, inshallah next time.. 

theres 2 hairdressers there
Mai- used to work at miss1 and
Sarab- Used to work at intercontinental hotel (I think thats what its called ili in Bneid algar); my hair was nicely blow dried, my friends asked if I had done something new to it and they said it looks .. more .. kitheif

I think im going to try their mani/pedi next time too

I just didnt like the building (its new o fi wayd 3ommal)
 - but over all I liked and will be going there again (So far so good)

2) Yayy China Glaze is now in kuwait!! =D

What colors do u recommend??


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