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Saturday, 1 May 2010

What Did You Eat?

My lovely friend just told me about this fun site which I had to post and 

share about. 

Its about health, nutrition, fitness, diet and so on 

you can also find healthy recipes,track your fitness level and so much more

The thing that I loved most is the "my plate" section

Basically, every time you eat you log in and say what you ate, 

how much of it and at what time.. 

Then it tells you how many calories you ate at each meal 


do take a minute to check out the site www.livestrong.com ;D

Thankuu A ;*


cat-eyezz said...

i LOVE this site!i'm using it to gain weight ;D

Hi Maintenance said...

Cat-eyezz- I love it too!! + Im using it to gain weight aswell!!

cat-eyezz said...

ambay ur kiddiing awal mara a3aref wa7da kwaiteya tabi tamten! i'm usually alone in this ;p i'm starting a diet in about 2 weeks we should be weight gain buddies lool;p

Hi Maintenance said...

same here I clicked on ur nick bagra ur profile/ blog and c whether ur q8i or not!! ;P
ur not alone now, Gain weight buddies we are!! shino ur diet plan?? lets do this together o compare results at the end of every 2 weeks shrayich :DD

cat-eyezz said...

perfect! hmm awal shay high-protein high-calorie diet, thani shayy im joining a gym for weight training specific *e7m* body parts lol;p and there's a pill called periactin its an anti-hystamine (for allergies) bas el side effects ena it slows down metabolism and makes u hungry all the time i heard of alot of girls who use it for weight gain.. and they gain like 5-10 kilos in a month which is crazyy i'm not going that far with it, its not healthy anyway.. bas ybe3oonhom ib boots.. i study in the US mara7 abde until i get to kuwait lana end of semester al7een im not bothered with any diets;p fa sure if u want me to i'll update u when i start and after every 2 weeks ;p

Hi Maintenance said...

I think were working on the same part too ;p .. umm, I took something very similar to periactin called cyprovita and I used to take 5ameera pills after each meal bs tadreen shino? karasht! :P and I did not gain where I wanted to.. So obviously I must join a gym bs 5al aswe enough research o adwerli nadi.. and start maybe next month

cat-eyezz said...

do u have an email? i know how to help with salfat el karsh and make sure ur weight goes to the right places.. etha u mind its ok :) and yeah cyprovita is the same active ingredient its cyproheptadine, bas theyre diff brand names.. and khameera made me starve bas ma feta7 shaheetii i hated it;p

Hi Maintenance said...
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