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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Hair And Nails

I got 4 new nail polishes yesterday and painted my nails since all the nail salons I wanted to go to were either fully booked or the person I wanted was off.. I got an appointment for today and I'll be leaving after this post ;D but these are my nails from yesterday Im calling them macintosh nails ;P

any idea what the colors are??

Alsoo I did my hair at la burjoiuse in sh3b il ba7ri I usually go there because you dont need to book an appointment and its usually very quiet.. I wanted something simple and got this

Price? 35
hairstylist: Mona (I preffered cosette but she just left them)

If you recommend a salon please drop it in the comment box with the person you recommend and the tel no. :D  It doesnt have to be for hair or nails

and im getting my hair dyed soon ..  
I think Ive decided where, will let you know when its done


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