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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

White & Go

Helloo All.. First Id like to say sorry cuz im veryyy busy these days "wedding season" I'll do an update sooooon about everything thats going on ;D

White and go is a tooth whitening pen.. I posted about it about a month ago but I was hesitant to try it, when I asked the pharmacy about it they told me it was sold out anyway ;x

Today I visited my dermatologist again and while I was at the pharmacy, I saw the pen! and Im going to give it a try 

Instructions: After brushing apply a layer of white and go gel one tooth at a time using an up and down motion. re-dip the brush as needed.. do not rinse.

description: formula enables safe, gentle and effective tooth whitening. Dries rapidly in 30 second. just 2 easy 30 second applications, wearing the gel 2x30 mins per day for 1 week and your teeth can be 4-5 shades lighter.

This is what the wand looks like, its a transparent gel. I thought it would be white o nfs nail polish ;p

This process takes a week.. I'll start day 1 on Friday (maybe tomorrow if i have the time) and will post result next Friday

This is the before pic of my teeth..

 This way we can all see the difference :D

White &Go is available at the phamracy at Inaya clinic (salmiya)

price? KD9.750


cat-eyezz said...

mashalah ur teeth 7elweeen already! thakarteeni i have a whitening kit im gonna start using it;p let us know how it works;*

ShoSho said...

LooL Aham shay your teeth :D nice teeth BTW

Nawarii said...

7abeeeebti ur teeth already MASHALLAH MASHALLAH white.. cute ur teeth hehe

i love ur posts they r always so useful and fun

Hi Maintenance said...

Cat Eyes: Thnkuu e try urs and let me know :P im doing before and after pics so u can see if theres a diffrence for urself :P

ShoSho- ThnkU :* :P

Nawarii- Thank you hehe alla y3afi all the whitning products I used before :P and glad to know u still enjoy my posts :D

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