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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Bad Hair Cut.. AGAIN

Today I got a new hair cut at TEA ROSE Salon. After hearing so many recommendations and good stuff about that salon I rushed over there as soon as i got their address (see how desperate I am to get a decent new haircut)!!
First off, I hated their location because theres no parking space! Then, when i got inside I found out that there is no staff there! theres just the hairstylist and cashier! Hairstylists name was Pervin. ANYWAY, to the hair cut well what shall i tell you, I'm very disappointed and to make things short, I hated the hair cut. One of the worst i have EVER had.
Atrocious Salon, I DON'T recommend them AT ALL!

I was wondering, does anyone know Anita? the girl who used to work at the Cutting edge? Do you know where she went? Does she still work in Kuwait?


Um Mit3ib said...

she comes to kuwait shahar w tark for her clients... she makes house calls

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