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Saturday, 16 April 2011


Last nights updo

By sherine @ Beautiqe


New Bride said...

loved it ;) mashalah

LadyB said...

Very nice, I love sherine's work ;)

Anonymous said...

have u tried or are u planning on trying keratin hair treatment?

Wickednoor said...

i gotta question! whats your take on sorceire hair grower tonic that u posted about way back? hehe been waiting for a review!

Hi Maintenance said...

New bride & LadyB- thnx :D

Anonymous- Nope I havent, and I dont plan on doing any keratin treatments

WickedNoor- Shakhbaarii.. Umm im not sure if Id recommend it or not actually.. something went wrong with my hair while I was using it and many other things,
it didnt work with me but I know a girl that swears by it!

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