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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Whiter teeth

Im not a tea or coffee person so my teeth are already kind of white 
and I have used crest 14 days whitning strips years ago and some useless whitening gels

Now I've decided to whiten my teeth a shade or 2,
so I visited a few dentists seeing what they would recommend/ suggest..

anyway I took non of the dentists advice ;P and I decided to just clean my teeth and then decide if I needed to do any of the advanced whitning stuff..

So I went and got my teeth cleaned
(you should be doing this every 6 or so months)
at one of the priate clinics but the mstaw9af is just as good.. and I did see a bit of a diffrence..

and then a day after (today) I got my Crest 2 hours whitning strips
(They're awsome if you want to see fast results)

Each whitestip box contains 4 packets but you can only use 1 every 3+ months

The strips are really thick! unline the old ones crest used to make,
theyre very firm and stick to the teeth very well!

Left the strips on for 2 hours and Im happy with the results!
Crest strips are the best in whitning!

I got the strips from Bed Bath & Beyond NY for $34.


Anonymous said...

ive been looking for them for quite a while now, dunno where to find them here, do u have any clue? cant find them in sultan anymore...

Hi Maintenance said...

Sultan usually sells out really fast! did you check TSC salwa?? .. Hmm I have another whitning stip box that I dont need, I might do a contest on it :P

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