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Friday, 10 June 2011

Bithday Girl :D


This is the birthday girl speaking!!

well it was my birthday on wednesday but im still celebrating :P

I didn't do anything crazy or different other than celebrated my birthday 3 times so far
June 7th I had dinner with the family at lorenzo
June 8th I had dinner at OFK with friends
and June 9th I had lunch at pizzetta
o inshallah I will be blowing out candles 1 more time this year!!

Heres how I had my nails and hair

On my nails, I decided to go for the
(Inspired by the whitning strip post lol) ..

and my hair.. Farrah fawcett-ing? maybe ;p

THANKYOU to everyone who sent me birthday wishes
on twitter and email <3

Nails (just color) done at NailIT with janet - 22658869 price 2KD

Hair done at Laila Harmony with Maryam  - Price 25KD


Byootiful said...

Happy belated bday dear!

LadyB said...

Loved the hair, happy Birthday babes :*

NSB said...

Happy belated Birthday!

you looked great :D

Hi Maintenance said...

thanks girls :*

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated birthday!!

tanya said...

happy birthday first and formost
second what color z your hair i loved it
ma shallah

Hi Maintenance said...

Thanks Amu and Tanya, well I keep dying my hair then doing rinsage whenever I feel like its turning a bit orange, Im not sure what the color is .. Bs I think if you ask for zaiti youll get a similar shade. Hope it helped xx

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