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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Bedroom makeover - Lightings


Take a look..
I added spotlights...

itha2a ma5fiyya..

ALL LIGHTS ON (spotlight, ma5fi and fibre) ..

Fibre lights on their own

You get to choose the brightness of the light and the color and shade and if you want flashes or it to fade/ smooth etc alot of options..

Im moving back in my room now (YAYYY)... new furniture will come by the end of the week.. not sure if ill post more bedroom makeover pics.. depends.. let me know if your interested ;p


Anonymous said...

I sure am!!
Loving the makeover!! 7adech thoowee8a mashalla;*

Dee said...

This lovely.. Love it post more

Pure said...

ee 7ada post more it looks amazing so far mashallah!

enigma said...

i love it & 7ady interested, more info please?

Bint ilKuwait said...

Allaah niceee..
I really loved it!!
3alaich bil3afya ;*
looking forward for more details :P

Anonymous said...

ماشالله شكلها بتطلع وااايد حلوه
حبيت اللون
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her said...

wow very nice mashala 3aleach bel 3afya :)

Landscape Las Vegas said...

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enigma said...

wainich we miss you!

Anonymous said...

mashallah the color of the wall paint is amazing. I have one question if you don't mind: how much did it cost for the spotlights only?

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Meladerm said...

I really like the fibre lights. They are are really cool!

Anonymous said...

WOW , i want ? how can i do this?

Kuwaitiful said...

I really like the hidden lights idea, gives you diffused light which has a cosy feeling.

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