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Friday, 8 October 2010

Nose strips

I've always used biore nose stips because they were whats available at the CO-OP
+ they're very popular

But there was just 1 thing I didn't like about them;
Sometimes when you apply a little too much water to your nose, then apply the strip, the strip tears and there.. a strip wasted!

anyway, my freind was raving about some charcoal nose strips she got from boots and I never imagined charcoal as a nose strip so I had to get them and see what they were about..

The nose strip is black and has a better shape to fit the nose AND my biore problem was solved because these charcoal strips are very thick therefore it doesnt matter if you applied way too much water to your nose before applying the strip!

I loved them!! They also clean the nose from black and white heads better than the biore.. but be a little careful as I once left them way too long ( maybe an hour when your supposed to just leave them on for 15 minutes) and it peeled off a thin layer of my skin ;(

These strips have now replaced my biore .. I use them once a week

If you want to try these nose strips there available at boots (got mine from the one at plaza hawalli)
and they're for KD2.400


enigma said...

ako face strips? i liked the idea of face strips but i can't find them anymore (and anyway, they used to tear a lot)

Hi Maintenance said...

La they dont have face strips from the same brand :( The biore are the only ones that tear up quickly!

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