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Monday, 7 February 2011

Ryoog and Strawberry Millie Fille

Finally got the chance to try out "ryoog"!
 we got there around 12 and the place was full!! *unexpected*
 if you wanted a place inside you had to wait and a few families were already waiting.
The weather was nice so we sat out o they have a really cute garden

I also came up with a new dessert :P inspired by my fav. lorenzos strawberry millie fille
if you try it tell me if its worth starting a business :P (JK)
You will need:

 Bon appetit!!


Anonymous said...

Yummmyyy yumm :*** teslam eedich

LadyB said...

Did you like the food?
Interesting Mille fuille you got there :P

Hi Maintenance said...

anonymous- :**

LadyB- it was OK.. cheese tasted like cheese, labna like labna :P but the fool had too much zait ;/ hehe thanks :P

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