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Monday, 4 January 2010


I was wondering whether or not to blog about this when someone on twitter said its ok since its on TV commercials all the time ..

So anyway these are the daily carefree and I found mini ones!!

The regular carefree comes in a box which looks like..

Then came out a mini version of it, its smaller than my palm!!

Comparing box to mini

What I found interesting was that the big box has 34 and the mini has 24! a9lan the mini packaging is too small how can 24 fit in there??!!

In the box

The mini ones..

In their bag

They come folded and sealed

Comparing the regular ones with the mini, the mini ones are really thin (as the packaging says, barely there)

They're actually nearly the same size. I think the mini ones are great for taking when your traveling they take no space at all!

I got these from Australia, still didn't see them in kuwait


Um Mit3ib said...

bs tara the folded ones thaqeeleen 6eena

el mafroooden arya7

Zabo0o6a said...

I gree with Um-Mit3ib!

OUNiii said...

way! i'm in LOVE with all carefree products! I WANTTTTT THISSSSS! wayd 7elu for 6al3at!

Fairy said...

ofcourse its ok to blog about it! i mean its a girly blog :)
and i love carefreeee bs msh elm3a6r

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