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Saturday, 23 January 2010


* I did a girls make up yesterday and she looked fab!!!! She let me take a pic of her eye! Yay!!
(products used were all kryolan o the black shadow+ eyeliner is the eyeliner that you add water to)

** My face ga3ed ytgashar like crazzy from the treatment which I've been on for 15 days

*** Im gona do a huge make over soon and post before and after pics!! *excited*

talking about before/after.. I don't see that much of a difference in Heidi Montage ;/

****Who didn't watch Devdas yesterday???? I think everyone did! I kept getting messages "watch MBC MAX "

***** Whos loving the taupe nail polish trend? Im not into this one ;/


A/Z said...

ba6lelech saloon :I

PaLoMiNo said...


7ayaty et76een make-up 7ag banaat??

noooo way tgoleen noo?!?!

mashallaa sh'3lich wayed professional!!!!!!

Nawarii said...

wow mashallah amazing i seriously LOVE it this is by far one of the nicest smokey eyes ive seen...great job girl

Hi Maintenance said...

A/Z - inshallah ;)

Paloomy o nawarii thanks girls ;*

Her said...

wow really nice makeup mashalla u should start a business !

Anonymous said...

That heidi pick is actually from WAY back, when she had her first set of surgeries. Now she's had some more, you can see the pictures here: http://hillsfreak.blogspot.com/2010/01/heidi-montag-obsessed-with-being.html

Anonymous said...

nice look , can u tell me from where can i get the kryolan products here in kuwait...LOVE MAKEUP TOO

Hi Maintenance said...

Her- Thank you, Inshallah ;)

Anonymous- wow... no WOW what a diffrence!! she looks better before!! thanks for the link

Anonymous- thanks, then this is the place for you!! Krayolan is sold in nearly every salon. They have a store in Jabriya too 25346776

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