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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Neutrogena Wave..

Ok so heres the neutrogena wave and how you use it..

neutrogena wave with the foaming pads ..

you take one of the pads..

and attach it to the neutrogena wave

Turn power on and Put it under water to get a little foam

Massage it on your face..
Remove pad and throw it
Voila as easy as that. Now just incase you want your questions answered

  • does it come with a neutrogena liquid cleanser?
No, You buy the disposable pads
  • wela its empty and u can use any facial wash?
No face wash .. Pads pads
  • if it comes with the liquid inside ...can u fill it with ur own facial wash when its empty?
No you need to buy the pads there is nothing inside other than batteries

I hope this post answered every neutrogena wave question. Also, this product is soo old, I dont know if I would recommend it now, yes it did make my hands feel soft when I just used it but there's so many new things that came out in 2009 that are better. If it was in your place, Id go buy the clarisonic (also with the clarisonic, you can use a face wash) ;D


M e e m z ;* said...

Thaank you hun! ..i checked out the website... looks like a good product :D

Um Mit3ib said...

wain ibe3ooona? i feel like i asked this question b4 bs madre;p nisait;p

Hi Maintenance said...

M e e m z- your welcome.. yup its a great one, you cant go wrong with it

Um mit3ib- you have the answer in your email ;@@
But ill tell u again ;P .. I got mine from the states, saw it in UK .. Haven't seen it in kuwait tho

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