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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A Pill that Makes Curly Hair Straight

Scientists who discovered the ‘curly gene‘ are developing a treatment that could spell the end of hair straighteners.

Things like this makes me wonder what's next?


Anonymous said...

mala da3i! i love curly hair ppl with curly hair keep it! p.s sheelay il word verification moz3ij...oo about foundations i love bobbi brown's oil free foundation and also i recommend her latest makeup book...sephora's lip pencil i think #45 lona dam il ghazal 5ayaal;p hair cut go to zainab not mariam...um ba3ad sheno,,,nails try elche nails...tasree7a do it 3nd noor she's armenian itsawi style ajanib in crystal salon or fadya;p

Hi Maintenance said...

EE 7ada mala da3i curly hair is nice!! Ill remove the word verification ;x... BB book 7ag beginners its all basic ;P there are ALOT of make up book that are better and more inspiring out there I might mention later.. I'll check out that sephora lip pencil, Yea zainab is really good but mowa3eed kila after a month! wain hatha elche? tel no plz.. O hair stylist 67t 3la wa7da 3jeeeeeeba they might make an offer for my readers, will do a post at the end of the month bs wain 9ayer crystal? o cham their no.?

Anonymous said...

elche is the first organic salon in q8 opening soon now they do a home service for nails;p # 66665715 and crystal is located in salmiya mujama3 il khaled? anyway hatha raqamhom;p 25650109 oo try make up mal zuzu:P

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